Holistic Fitness Specialist

Monday, 8 February 2016


Valentines Day is fast approaching and most of the world is trying to think of what they should do in order to please their partners on this day of love and romance. Flowers, chocolates, jewelry, expensive dinners and movies seem to be what people do the most. This Valentines day try something a little more active to show your body and the body of your partner a little more love. If you don't have that special someone in your life just yet don't let that stop you from sharing this day with your body, because you never know what might spark up on this romantic day. 

The human body loves to move as it promotes circulation, lymphatic drainage and through sweat and heavy breathing is the best way to rid toxins from the body. You can think of your body as a dog.  If you don't show your dog attention and take it for walks, runs, or play time your dog slowly becomes sad, unhappy and lazy. When you take your dog out for walks, runs and play time the dogs energy improves and shows you much more love and affection. This is exactly like our bodies, the more we reward it with movement the more it rewards us with a feeling of happiness.  

I challenge you to take on Valentines day in less of a traditional way by doing a couples work out, head to a heart pounding sweaty spin class, or even slow it down by going to a calming movement/breathing based yoga class.  If you want to take it a step farther a snow shoe through the forest, up a mountain, or a jog to a location where you can have a great picnic in a park or by a lake would supply your body with movement, freedom and fresh air. Put down those cells phones and social media and take this time to embrace the joy of being active with each other, and by rewarding your body with movement.  

There is more than just moving and sweating that can show your body how much you love it. Sometimes a worn out body might need a little more TLC. This would be a great time to head to a couples reflexology or float spa. This will give your body a different type of stimulation that will still promote lymphatic drainage and circulation but in more a calming and relaxing way. You could even include this after what ever exercise you choose to do together during the day. 

If you are single on this day, get out and do some fun group activities. Sign up for those spin classes, yoga classes, pole dancing classes or outdoor trekking somewhere. Take the time to appreciate your body with a solo hike, run or bike ride. If there is something active you have always wanted to do and have pushed aside get out there and do it, show your body how much you care. You may even cross paths with someone doing the same thing that could ignite a flame on this day of love and romance.